Loss of Use

Get Paid For Your Loss of Use

TranSubro is the leading authority on loss of use in the United States of America. Listed below are some common questions you may have regarding loss of use that we can answer. Please contact us if you have any questions that aren’t answered below.

What is loss of use?

Loss of use refers to the lack of your ability to use a vehicle or piece of equipment after an accident occurs at the fault of another party.

Who is entitled to loss of use damages?

Any owner of a vehicle(s), be it an individual or a large company, is entitled to collect damages for loss of use.

Who pays for my loss of use?

Just like physical damages to your vehicle, the insurer of the at-fault party is responsible for paying loss of use damages.

Why do I need TranSubro to collect loss of use damages for me?

TranSubro is currently the leading authority in loss of use collections. No company in America has as thorough of an understanding of loss of use as TranSubro. TranSubro’s claims specialists are experts on the subject of loss of use and they’re equipped with the skills for maximizing loss of use collections.

How much can TranSubro collect for me on my loss of use claim?

Depending on the vehicle, TranSubro can collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each day your vehicle was off road.

I have a replacement vehicle; can I still get loss of use damages?

Regardless of whether or not a spare vehicle is available, if your vehicle goes off road for repairs you are still entitled to collect loss of use damages.

I was involved in an accident that wasn’t my fault and my insurance company already collected property damage for me. Can I still get loss of use compensation?

Yes you can. TranSubro can collect loss of use damages on accidents even several years after property damage payments have been made.

My accident occurred 2 years ago, is it too late to collect loss of use compensation?

No it’s not. Depending on the state the accident occurred in, TranSubro can collect on accidents anywhere from two to ten years old.

Do I need to show proof that I lost revenue to collect loss of use compensation?

No, you don’t. TranSubro will collect loss of use damages for you. You do not need to provide any financial or usage documentation.

How successful is TranSubro in collecting loss of use claims?

TranSubro collects loss of use damages on 96% of all accidents in which our client is not at fault.

How long will it take for TranSubro to collect on my loss of use?

The average loss of use claim handled by TranSubro is closed within 30 days of receipt. No other company in the nation has this fast of a turnover time.

I signed a release when I received property damage payment, can TranSubro still collect loss of use compensation?

In the vast majority of cases, TranSubro can’t collect loss of use compensation after a release has been signed. However, in some very rare occurrences, TranSubro is able to collect on your loss of use after a release has been signed if the wording of said release does not bar us from future collections. If you let us take a look, we’ll be able to determine if there’s anything more to be done.

My vehicle hasn’t been repaired yet; can TranSubro still collect my loss of use for me?

TranSubro can’t collect loss of use compensation until your vehicle has been repaired.